KSoul Cover

By: Stephanie Banks (@giftedroots)

A Southern Soul Sistah with and urban edge…

When asked who she was, she simply replied saying, “K Soul is a fusion of hip-hop, R&B and soul. The soul part more so comes from what I’ve been through, who I am and what’s in my heart.” K Soul takes what we all would like to expect coming from a soul artist but also takes what she has learned and turns it into positive energy that is fueled by her urban influences.

Her humble beginnings started when she was in grammar school. Her writing became her therapy and allowed her to go the growing pains coming up as a child. “I wasn’t raised by my parents, so dealing with that and trying to accept why I wasn’t around them was my way of dealing with my emotions.” Her progression in her writing and singing went throughout her high school years singing in choirs and recording when she was 19. “My sister’s boyfriend at the time had a home studio with a curtain and I went in and did it on cassette tape; the one when you press play and record at the same time –LOL.”

Some of her major influences include the likes of Jill Scott, Stevie Wonder, Pattie Labelle and many others. Kay states, “I really like Beyoncé, even though I don’t sing her same type of music, I love her hustle.” You can still be just as good of a performer in your own right and still have many influences.” Her influences doesn’t just stop there, she also has a list of hip-hop artists that inspires her style and “swagger” as well including the likes of Jay Z, Kanye, Mos Def.

Her versatile sound is setting the tone for many up and coming neo-soul artists to keep their foot in the door of the music industry by staying current and relevant with the sound and also keeping an edgy twist for little surprises her and there. “Well I was born in the south originally and I’ve been in Chicago since I was about 4. Chicago is my city and I hate to see some of the negative things going on now with the violence and political issues so there is a part of me that feels like hopefully someway with my music I can put a positive light on the city. At the same time I’m realistic with this industry and if taking my career to the next level requires relocation, I am also open to do that as well.”

Although she is open to expand her brand to other regions, she still believes that there can be talent that comes from Chicago and still embrace the city as their hometown. “I think Chicago has the potential to be what Atlanta is to the music industry.” “Just how Ludacris and Monica and others stay together, make music together and promote each other. If we are able to stick with each other, we have to potential to break in this industry as well.”

Her latest single ‘Let Go’ (Reprise) is out on iTunes right now speaking about her personal experiences when she was in a place where she needed to heal from her music again. “The song is very emotional and I feel that it can relate to both men and women who have been heartbroken.” “ It’s not meant to be an ‘angry’ song but more of a resolve to say I’m okay and I can move on from there.”

Kay Soul is currently in the studio working on the release of her latest project set to release in November and also doing shows both locally and in other areas.

Hey check out some of Kay Soul’s work!!!


Also hit her up and let her know what you think!!!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KGsoulsensation

Twitter: @kgsoulsensation


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